Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Day #28: Tuesday 27th December

On the home stretch.

1. Recorded this week's Turtle-Boy Podcast with the advert I recorded tagged on the front.
2. Started my Natalie Dawn campaign by posting my first pic on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This is the pic:

RESULT: Nothing yet. I do have two friends that retweeted/shared the photo I posted. But as far as Patreon is concerned we're still sitting on 0% increase; 11 pledgers at $79.00 total.

AFTER-THOUGHTS: My opinion still hasn't changed. I need to get more free product out to the public to build my readership. So, I'm still leaning toward the webcomic, and I need to get that up and running before anything real change is going to happen with my Patreon.

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