Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day #15: Wednesday 14th December

Everything I do and listen to seems to concrete the fact that re-thinking my business model (as you've been reading this last week or so) is the smart thing to do.

ACTIONS TAKEN: Re-listened to Comixlaunch podcast episode #61 with Jim Zub. Tyler asked us to take an inventory of what we might already have have to offer for Patreon rewards.

RESULTS: Same as it ever was - 11 patrons = $79 per month.

AFTER-THOUGHTS: Inventory - All I have is my scripts. I have two short stories I did for the Will McLaren's Circus Graphic Novel and Darren Close's upcoming Killeroo Gangwars, as well as the script for Cthulhu Williams #0, and my work-in-progress Gorillas my Dreams: Mime of my Life. Apart from that, I think I'm just too much of a rookie to have anything else to offer. Which is another indication that I've jumped onto the Patreon boat a little too quick.

And the thing is, my scripts are already a pledge level. So it's good to know that I'm at least on the right wave lengths.

Actually, I kind of feel like my entire wave-length is on the right track, though (as I said above) I've just acted prematurely. A lot of what I'm hearing to try I have already attempted to do, but my audience is too small.

Tyler brought up in the podcast why he was giving away Amzon vouchers to entice people to do his survey. Well, last two mini-conventions I did, I was using a free t-shirt give away to entice people onto my email list.

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