Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day #5: Sunday 4th December

Another quick one today.

ACTION: Restocked my local comic book store Impact Comics with Cthulhu Williams #0. Also dropped off 30 Cthulhu Williams postcards with my website details (including my Patreon page).

RESULTS: Again, 0% growth.

I'm just not even getting a blip on my Patreon page. Yes, I know this is only day #5, but I just don't have any real kind of following other than friends. And to be completely honest, I don't even really have a lot of friends who are comic book fans.

So, yeah. Things are getting very disheartening around here. Everyone who has read Cthulhu Williams has said they like it and it's good. I just can't figure out how to get to a wider audience (and as I said, I know this is only day #5, but you also gotta remember, my comic has been out 11 months, and my Patreon page has been up about four. And yes, I understand that you need to get more books out to engage a hungry audience. But I just don't have the money, or else I would be bringing more out and I probably wouldn't need Partreon. So I feel like I'm just continuing to get no traction no matter how smart I think my ideas are).

So enough whinging for now. This is putting day #5 to bed. See you on day #6.

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