Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day #16: Thursday 15th December

Today is fun stuff. Nothing amazing, but what I love seeing. Panel previews from my artist Ahmed Raafat.

ACTIONS TAKEN: Like I said, no ground-breaking actions today, But I did throw a couple of panel previews up on my Patreon and shared them on my Facebooks and Twitters.

RESULTS: No change - 11 patrons = $79 per month.

AFTER-THOUGHTS: I love Ahmed's artwork. Not like, LOVE! This is why I do this. I have these silly little stories and then artists like Ahmed smash them and take them to whole new levels.

On other things, it's a crazy busy time of year. And it's so damn hot over here, so I'm not sleeping much. Some people would be lie "Great! More time to be productive!" But the chronic pain prevents me from doing much more than lying there in pain.

Anyway, That's all for today. See you tomorrow.

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