Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Days #17, 18 & 19: Friday 16th, Saturday 17th, and Sunday 18th December

Another busy weekend. Let's get into it...



FRIDAY: Today I a table at another local comic convention; The Australian Comic Arts Festival (ACAF) for February 2016.


SATURDAY: I spent a good chunk of my morning researching more webcomics. It was suggested to me look at SmackJeeves and I did. A lot of good looking webcomics there. So, I tried to set up a page, but I suck at this programming stuff. I have a friend who offered to build me a page.


SUNDAY: I tried again with a fresh head to try and build my webcomic on SmackJeeves. Again, I struggled. So I sent a message to my friend and await a response.


RESULTS: 0% increase - 11 patrons = $79 per month.


AFTER-THOUGHTS: I just need to get this webcomic started. That's what this all comes down to. This is my course of action. But this time of year is so busy, it's hard to divide my time and energy between all the people and things I need to. I would love to launch my webcomic on X-Mas Day. But I'll need to pull my finger out and get a move on.


Talk again tomorrow.

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