Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Days #13 & 14: Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th December

Busy couple days at the day job and gruelling couple days with my chronic pain, but I think I still managed to do a task for each day.

MONDAY: Re-listened to Comixlaunch podcast episode #60 - The task Tyler set at the end of that one was to "write my story." So I took a shot at that:

Comic books and superheroes have been a major part of my life forever. When I was beat-up in high school. The first time my heart was broken. When I crashed my motor bike, spent seven weeks out of action, and left with chronic pain for the rest of my life. When, as a result of all that, I suffered depression and was thinking suicide. At these, the lowest points in my life, there were always mutants in blue and yellow, vigilantes dressed as bats, red skinned demons, and reptiles practicing martial arts ready to help pull me out of the darkness.

I believe comic books and superheroes are a form of escape and support and under the right (or really wrong) circumstances, comics can save lives. This is why I want to make more comics. I wanna try to contribute to saving someone else’s life with my silly characters and Funny Books.

TUESDAY: Tonight is Turtle-Boy Podcast night. Recording a new episode and, same as last week, I'll have the new advert my brother and I recorded tagged to the front.

RESULTS: Again, because I'm not actively pimping stuff, the results aren't changing - 11 patrons = $79 per month.

AFTER-THOUGHTS: Again, I think this is going to be the same for the rest of the month.
It's the business model that's getting in the way. I really do need to focus on a few other things before my Patreon is going to take off at all.
And I have a friend that has pointed me in the right direction for some education as far as webcomics are concerned (And I'll buy that book as soon as I have the money).
So, yeah. I'm not expecting any more pledgers for this month, but I will continue the exercise.

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