Friday, December 9, 2016

Day #10: Friday 9th December

I'm kind of... not sure what my daily actions should be. As I've previously mentioned, rethinking my entire approach is going to take some time.

But I am a determined sum-a-bitch so I will be doing something behind the scenes daily, even if it's not directly pimping my Patreon or my comic Gorilla my Dreams.

Today saw a number of tiny actions taken, but nothing major.

1. Googled webcomics. Looked up a whole mess of webcomics to see how they work and what they look like.

2. Overwhelmed with the search results, I Tweeted/Facebooked to my friends about what ones they enjoy so I could look them up and see how thei pages are laid out.

3. Spoke to a web-designer type friend about potentially helping me set it up when he's back in the country.

4. Sketched out a rough Idea of what I want my future webcomic page to look like. Whether he'll be able to make these things a reality? I have no idea. But this is the first design of what I THINK I need for my webcomic's page.

5. Read the How Nataly Dawn Increased Her Patronage From $1.5k to $6k in 30 Days article. Trying to see what wisdom I can milk from this woman's experience.

RESULTS: 0% Growth. 11 patrons = $79.

Again, no real change. I don't expect any real change for the next week or so while I do invisible work in the back ground.

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